What happen if you pass away WITHOUT a Will?


  • Your spouse and children may face an immediate cash flow problem for family maintenance & children education because your bank accounts will be frozen (including joint name accounts).
  • Your children’s (below 18 years old) welfare may not be taken care of by the right people (Guardian) that you prefer


  • You need to find and appoint 2 guarantors / sureties as required by law 
  • Delay in distribution of estates to your beneficiaries may take 2-6 years in average due to lengthy administrative process

Assets Distribution Not According To Your Wishes

  • Your assets shall be distributed according to the law (The Distribution Act 1958, amended in 1997, applicable for all non-Muslims) and not according to your wishes 
  • For a deceased husband, 50% of total estates shall go to his children, 25% to his wife, and remaining 25% to his parents. If his parents die without a Will, this 25% shall be distributed among his brothers and sisters in equal share. 
  • For a deceased wife, 50% of total estates shall go to her children, 25% to her husband, and remaining 25% to her parents. If her parents die without a Will, this 25% shall be distributed among her brothers and sisters in equal share.

what happen next

Immediate problem faced by your beneficiary - Application for LA

The first hurdle is to apply for the Letter of Administration or LA. Your loved ones and family members who may become your beneficiary(s) may not be familiar with the legal process to go about to claim back your estates

Step 1.
Beneficiary(s) need to apply for Letter of Administration (LA) from High Court to appoint Administrator
Step 2.
Beneficiary(s) to seek and compile deceased’s assets information and documentation                      
Step 3.
Beneficiary(s) to carry out self-investigation on deceased’s assets/debts                                           
Step 4.
Beneficiary(s) to obtain LA from AmanahRaya, or Distribution Order from Small Estate Office or High Court
Step 5.
Administrator to realise deceased’s assets and settlement of debts and to prepare a complete Estate Account 
Step 6.
Administrator to distribute assets according to Distribution Act 1958 (amended in 1997)                   

What is a Will?

A Will is a legal document in which you declare your wishes in writing for your loved ones and how to distribute your assets after you pass on.


The Benefit Of Will

We can never predict when will be the end of our life. So, be prepared to protect your loved ones from any unexpected event by having a Will written while it is not too late.

You can exercise your rights to appoint your choice of Executor(s)
You can ensure no dispute over choosing the right administrator of your estate
You can decide on who, when and how much to distribute your assets
You can prevent any splitting of assets among your beneficiaries
You can prevent any family dispute on your estate after you decease
You can ensure faster distribution of your estates to your beneficiary(s)
You can appoint guardian of your choice for your children (below 18 years old)
You can benefit non-immediate family members such as NGO or welfare bodies
You can make provision to settle debts (if any)
You can protect minors' future
You can include future inherited and acquired assets
You can assign some of your assets for charity
You can prevent your estate from going to government
Your beneficiary(s) do not need to find any surety/guarantor
The Executor/Trustee can obtain Grant of Probate within 2 to 6 months (time saving)
The Executor/Trustee can raise emergency fund for your children maintenance or legal fees

Key Questions To Ask When Writing Your Will

  • Who will be my beneficiaries?
  • When should they receive their inheritance?
  • Who to appoint as executor?
  • Does this executor know what to do and how to look after the beneficiaries?
  • Can the executor be trusted with the assets and money? 

Who is qualified to become my Executor?
Individuals or a Trust Corporation? 

Read more about what is a Trust and why should you choose Rockwills Trustee's Services to become the Executor of your will. 

What is a Will custody?

A Will which cannot be found is as good as having no Will. 

A Will is perhaps the most important document that can ensure your wishes come true and protect the well-being of your loved ones when you are not around. Protecting it and ensuring that it can be found are of utmost importance. Documents can be misplaced or lost. So can your Will.

Custody allows your Will to be kept securely on an annual or lifetime basis. This enables the Testator and Executor of the Will to gain access to the Will when needed.

Our Services

MyWishes2u.com is a Rockwills Franchise since 2009 to provide professional Will writing and Will custody services.

Rockwills Comprehensive Will writing Service

  • Comprehensive Will-Writing Services
  • Fulltime in-house legal advisors to support and check all Wills
  • Custody Service for keeping all Wills securely
  • Special Rockwills Trustee Service to complement your Will to ensure extra protection for your beneficiaries
  • Continuous personalised service, fully backed by the No.1 Comprehensive Will-Writing Company in Malaysia
  • Special QR/Bar coded Will to minimize fraud or tampering
  • Personalized custody cards with special QR/Bar code
  • Personal Assets Inventory Booklet to help you organize and track your assets and liabilities

Rockwills Professional Will Custody Services

We keep your Will secure on an annual or lifetime basis to enable the Testator and Executor of the Will to gain access to the Will when needed.

  • Prevent tampering and preserve confidentiality
  • Safe from calamities such as fire and flood
  • Free from accidental or deliberate destruction
  • Controlled access with special Custody Identification Cards
  • Unique retrieval system with Personal Bar Coded Custody Card
  • Certain to be found when needed
  • Lifetime discount for rewriting your Will
  • Free PA Insurance


Why wait? Find a professional Rockwills specialist to write a legally binding Will for you NOW. Contact us at Mywishes2u.com to start your will. 

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