Assets commonly used to set up a Trust





Why you need a Trust?

You have dependents including minor children or handicap children who require financial assistance immediately upon incapacity or demise
You have concerns that your heirs may squander your wealth
You have to protect your estate or beneficiaries' inheritance against creditors 
You have the intention to provide financial assistance to your descendants for specific purposes, e.g. education and major medical expenses
You have an interest in movable and/or immovable assets that you wish to control while alive but give to some one upon incapacity or demise
You have beneficiaries that you would like to provide for without others knowing
You have shares in profitable businesses to be bought by your co-owners as part of succession planning

Rockwills Trustee's Services

The key to complete your Estate Planning

Why Rockwills Trustee?

  • Knowledge of various legal issues
  • Expertise and experience
  • Perpetuity and continuity in administering the estate
  • Time to manage and administer the entire estate
  • Impartiality
  • Trustworthiness and accountability
  • Professional management skills
  • Security and Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Convenience 

When you set up your trust with Rockwills trustee

  • Your trust is customised to your needs: as the Trust Specialist, we know that every client requires personalized and flexible services.
  • Keep separate accounts: each Trust Fund is kept separate from the Company's account and other Trust Funds. Copies of account statements are given every 6 months.
  • Regular communication are made between us and your protector and beneficiaries to fulfil your wishes 

Benefits of Rockwills Trust

What happen when you set up a Trust with Rockwills?

1) Funds and assets are immediately available without waiting for any court order as it is not part of the estate. Your beneficiaries financial needs can be taken care of immediately.

2) Your instructions on distribution in the trust deed can prevent your wealth from being squandered. This ensures deserving beneficiaries will be able to receive what is in the trust over a period of time as stated in the trust deed.

3) You can choose anyone to be your beneficiaries. The beneficiaries can also be an organization or institution. You can be one of the beneficiaries and name substitute beneficiaries as well.

4) A trust arrangement can also be revocable so that it is flexible by allowing you to review and amend the terms of the trust when there is a need. Additional assets can also be settled into the trust anytime.

5) By setting up an Irrevocable Trust, it will ensure that the assets are protected from claims by your creditors, subject to Section 52 Bankruptcy Act 1967. (Assets must have been in the trust for more than 5 years).

6) You can stagger the distribution by deciding how much and when to distribute the assets so that the beneficiaries are not able to spend your wealth all at one go.


Why wait? Find a professional Rockwills specialist to set up a Trust for you NOW. Contact us at to start your Trust. 

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